FCCWEALTH is an Online International Empowerment Institute, owned and pioneered by Fortress Crown Cash Inc. A team of some of the most highly sought after and successful intellectual coaches in the world, with over 45 years combined expertise. Headed by Dr. Emmanuel R. Onwuchekwa, a renowned pharmacist and a financial expert, with over 16 years' experience in various sectors of coaching and HR services.

FCCWEALTH Empowerment Institute have variety of training and development modules in four key areas of human potentials: 1. Fuelling Your Love Life, which provides training solutions to relationship and Marital Affairs Issues, Recovering and Overcoming Infidelity, Forgiving and Reuniting after Betrayal and Rebuilding Trust in a most powerful way. 2. Personal Development training empowers members with tools and step by step processes in realizing and actualizing personal goal. 3. Health and Fitness training module gives a revolutionary training on diets that combat cancer, boost brain power, promote Longevity and Fitness. 4. Keys To Strong Finance training equips members with Affluent Lifestyle skills, a superb awareness in Creating Wealth and Financial Security.

FCCWEALTH Empowerment Institute has coached celebrities, CEOs and ordinary citizens. And because our sessions are done via FCCWEALTH forum, phone and Skype, we are highly accessible on a global scale that very few other professionals can match. And to date, we have worked with men, women and couples from across the globe.

Fuel Your Love Life

Energizes Your Love Life, Relationships and Strengthens Your Marriage. Why has the divorce rate risen significantly over the past fifty years? Modern day's relationships require more maintenance .....

Strong Finance

Financial Empowerment means getting out of the rat race by having passive income which exceeds your expenses. Financial experts and economists now strongly advise that the best way to protect......

Health and fitness

YES-PROSPERITY Fitness Training module addresses five elements of good health. Find amazing health and fitness services, including healthy eating, aerobic fitness and how exercise affects mental health......

Personal Development

Personal Development is a lifelong process. It’s a way of discovering your skills and enhancing your qualities, thus maximizing your full potentials, and to influence what you become in life.

We are willing to help anyone that is open-minded, determined and believes anything is possible. Our goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. JOIN Thousands of Successful Associates and Experience Affluent Lifestyle. Dr. Emmanuel R. O.
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What Do I Need To Enroll Into FCCWEALTH Empowerment Institute?

Very Simple 3 Key Points!

Internet Access Via Computer or Mobile Device.

Strong Desire for Self-Development and for Strong Finance.

One-Term Payment of USD 25.00.

How It Works?


Get started by paying as low as a one term fee of 25.00 USD and instantly get incorporated into FCCWEALTH business with personal executive business website alongside with income position within FCCWEALTH Genealogy Organization. You've been looking for it... a true opportunity to be wholesomely empowered with more time and financial freedom without sacrificing one for the other. Fulfilling a lifestyle of your dream. Read More.


As you begin to understand how incredibly powerful and in demand the FCCWEALTH services really are, the more you will want to recommend them to as many as you can reach. Joining FCCWEALTH business leaves you with only one option, which is SUCCESS and NOTHING LESS! FCCWEALTH products and services are everybody's need; thus, growing your business is simple, fun and lucrative. Read More.


At FCCWEALTH business, getting paid from varieties of commissions, bonuses, allowances and awards is flexible as members easily get paid from varieties of payment options of their choice, ranging from Electronic funds transfer, Western Union, Yes-Prosperity Cash Card (Payoneer), PayPal, etc. Choose How You Will Wish to Receive Your Commissions and get your earnings paid into your preferred account details provided. Read More.

20 Reasons to Love FCCWEALTH

The easiest and low start-up cost business of USD 25.00. A One-Term payment for product with universal niche.

Freely Bank up to USD 100.00 potential signing bonus, and instantly receive 50 BonusPoints.

Excellent long time residual income potential.

Country frontrunner potentials. Learn, earn and grow at your own pace.

Accelerating highest potentials through boundless wealth of optimized account.

With internet enabled device and willingness to learn, we'll train you FREE.

Work from the comfort of your home, or as you travel, on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Global business connections with potential daily earnings from over 190 countries.

Get paid for each BonusPoint earned, an FCCWEALTH monthly prosperity executive pool.

  • A proven debt-free company with strong leadership experience.
  • A great business opportunity with real product, a top-notch pedagogics solutions in the area of Relationship and Marital Affair, Strong Finance and Financial Intelligence, Personal Development and Leadership Acumen, and finally... Health and Fitness Solutions.
  • Free dedicated member's website and world-class 24/7 support features.
  • Powerful back office with cutting edge, “plug-in-and-go” marketing tools.
  • Knowledge bank forum and exquisite training modules.
  • The easiest and most attainable revolutionary Pay-Plan in the industry.
  • Work with fellow entrepreneurs from across the globe for mutual success.
  • One of the fastest-growing companies with exponential growth projected for the next ten years.
  • FCCWEALTH business opportunity takes full advantage of today's technology. You can be on your favorite beach while your automated FCCWEALTH business runs and makes money 24/7.
  • Strong and effective income statistical records with most simplified fund withdrawal methodology.
  • Monthly profits share from global sales, and instant alert to members for all personal fund withdrawal, awards and sells.

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